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Who do not crave for a leaner, toner body? Indeed, we all do!

A body that is well shaped and sexy is a dream of every man and woman. However, the question which arises here is that going to the gym all that’s needed to get in shape?

Thankfully No!

Affording a gym or taking out time to walk all the way to the gym may not be easy for all. Even though, a well equipped gym is a best place for all those willing to sculpt their body, however, this does not mean that there is no other place you can workout!

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Luckily, you can get in shape without using equipments and without even visiting the gym! Yes, that’s right! You can indulge your entire body in this fat blasting program, at home, without using equipments!

So, are you willing to workout at home and are looking forward for a thorough guidance on a circuit that can offer a complete body cardio? If yes, then what are we for?

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How it works:

enjoy exercising

The article would provide you a comprehensive guide on a strength workout that would involve your entire body. You will need a couch to perform certain steps involved in the circuit.

For best results, you need to ensure that you follow each and every step carefully, perform the number of repetitions that have been suggested for every step, before skipping to the subsequent move.

It is important to mention that after finishing the entire moves, you need to give 1 minute break to your body. After that, repeat the cycle for at least twice!

Interestingly, you can simply enjoy exercising while watching your favorite movie or serial!

So, lets begin with the circuit and get to know the secret of a slimmer, toned body! Exercises you can simply perform in your comfort zone!

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1. Couch Squat Cross Chop:

Couch Squat Cross The circuit begins with couch squat cross chop. It is more like a warm up exercise for your body that simply focuses on abdominal muscles, buttocks and legs. However, avoid squatting low while performing the initial set of this move.

To perform couch squat cross chop, position yourself with your back facing the couch. Stretch the arms straight and clutch your hands together. Your feet should be positioned hip-width apart. You are now ready to perform the exercise.

Do a squat:

  • Bend the knees.
  • Sit backside.
  • Separate the arms below and crossways to the outer of the right thigh.
  • Move forward through the heels.
  • Get back to your position.

After performing the squat at the right side, repeat the move to the left side. Continue squatting for a total of 60 seconds. See Chrissy Metz Weight Loss

2. Couch climbers:

Couch climbers

Couch climbers is said to be the advanced form of mountain climber. It aims to pace your heart beat and targets your abs and arms. So, to perform this, position your front facing the couch. Stretch your arms, touching the couch. Place your feet back and check lose weight fast pills

  • Speedily, but in a balanced position, start jogging.
  • Alternate every knee in the direction of the chest.
  • The shoulders need to be kept firm throughout the move.

The exercise needs to be performed at a speedy pace. Continue running for at least 60 seconds.

3. Dip and kick:

dip and kick

To perform sip and kick, your back needs to face the couch, in a sitting position. Stretch your arms behind your bottom, your hands against your buts, touching the couch.

  • Lift the right leg up, against your body,uplifting your butts to the couch.
  • Stretch your legs straight up sustaining the pressure on your abs.
  • Bend your leg down to the initial position.

Perform at least 10 repetitions using your right foot. Continue the move using your left foot then.

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4. TV tummy tucks:

flat tummy tricks

The exercise aims your abdomen. To perform Tv tummy tucks, place your but on your couch’s edge. Position your hands side by side of each thigh. Keep your back stretched in a firmer position and your toes touching the ground.

  • Gradually, uplift your knees to your abdomen, sustaining pressure on your core.
  • Breathe in and hinge back to the point you can.
  • Keep your back firm and straight throughout. (No matter if it touches the couch, however avoid resting on it).
  • Breathe out and move your knees up to the height of your hip.
  • Then again, your back should be kept straight.
  • Drop the feet in a balanced position to a point your toes touches the ground.

Perform the move for at least 20 times consecutively. Breathe out air at the time of raising feet.

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5. Single-Leg Stand Up:

Single leg stand

Single-leg stand up needs balance to be performed. It involves your legs and targets your gluteus muscles. Stand straight near to your couch, facing in the opposite direction.

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  • Uplift a knee to your chest.
  • Hold the uplifted knee with your hands.
  • Slightly bend the second knee.
  • Sit on the couch while holding the knee.
  • Gradually, lower the body.
  • In a very steady position, pull your back straight up, without leaving your knee.

The move needs to be repeated for at least 10 times with a particular leg. Repeat the move for again ten times with the second leg.

6. Decline pushup:

decline pushups

Decline pushup is all about intensifying your energy! Walk three steps away from your couch and face your back to it. Now, position yourself in a top-of-a-pushup position.

Put your legs on the couch.  (It is more preferable if you perform the exercise barefooted to avoid staining). Maintain a straight position and compress your abdomen.

  • Bend the elbows.
  • Perform a pushup.

If you find performing decline pushups difficult, then do not worry. You can perform incline pushups in its place. For that, simply twist the position and in place of legs, put the arms on the couch.

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7. Three-Part Roll Down:

stretching arms

To perform the exercise, sit down facing the couch and bend the knees, keeping your legs leveled. Clutch your fingers at the back of the head.

  • Lie down to your back.
  • Immediately, get up at a speedy pace. (Initially, sitting up may cause you difficulty. In such a case, you can sit back while stretching your arms straight).
  • Now, in a steady, yet gradual motion, drop down your back in such a way that the lower part of your back touches the ground first, after that, the middle part and in the last, the upper part and the head contacts the floor.
  • Get back to the initial position as fast as possible. See Phentermine results

You simply need to repeat the move for at least 15 times consecutively.

8. Back Extension with Opposite Arm and Leg Reach:

maxresdefault (1)

To perform this last exercise, you need to lie down on the opposite side. That is, your face, facing the ground. Stretch your legs to the greatest and your arms to the most you can. Remember, the position has to look like the alphabet.

  • Slowly and gradually, elevate your upper body, hands and legs against the floor.
  • Keep the X position intact while hovering above, which is said to be the second position.
  • Further raise the left leg and right arm.
  • Get back to the second position.

You need to repeat the similar kind of move for ten times. However, repeat the same move using your right leg and left arm for ten more times again.

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So, this is the circuit we were talking about in the beginning! It can be perform by all those who cannot afford a gym or take time to visit a gym! These exercises will help you get in shape by expediting the fat burning process to the greatest! Remember, exercising is the proven way to get in shape. It is the key to a beautiful body!

Not just it helps in adding to your physical beauty, but is also good for your health. As you can see, none of these exercises demand equipments or special kind of tools! All you need to have is spirit, and a couch!

That’s right! Thus, the exercises can be performed by everyone, even if you do not exercise normally!

So, why paying heavy fees of gyms and afford a trainer when you can actually create wonders at home! In your comfort zone!

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